We’re ISAW.

Since our beginning in 2012 we’ve been designing and making action cameras for people to record and share their precious moments. Whether it’s an adrenaline fueled action sports session or a memorable trip or event you never want to compromise between enjoying the present moment and recording it for later.

Understanding that basic concept makes us strive in designing the smallest cameras possible with the best image quality possible (indoor or outdoor), always at a fair price; effectively bringing the “best” action cameras from South Korea to the world.

Ultra small and light

For our users to feel no limitations when using our cameras, we make them the smallest and lightest possible.

The best image quality

With a 16Mpx sensor on board, your best moments are captured in the best definition with ISAW‘s unique quality of color rendering.

All the accessories you need

It doesn’t get any more convenient with more than 20 accessories available to complete the use of our cameras in all kinds of leisure and sports.

All the features and more

Despite their size, our camera offer all the common features found in digital camcorders but also more advanced and unique ones to capture all kinds of sports or daily activities in always more creative ways.